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HR, Friday and E-Mails | Stand Up Comedy by Gaurav Kapoor

Duration: 00:04:10 Video Size 163.84 MB MP3 Size 4.1 MB Gaurav Kapoor

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Resignation, Boss and HR | Stand-up comedy by Kishore Dayani

Duration: 00:08:19 Video Size 327.02 MB MP3 Size 8.18 MB Kishore Dayani

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EIC: Angad Singh Ranyal on HR Department

Duration: 00:02:38 Video Size 103.55 MB MP3 Size 2.59 MB East India Comedy

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Every Corporate Office Ever | Stand up Comedy by Nishant Tanwar

Duration: 00:04:31 Video Size 177.6 MB MP3 Size 4.44 MB Nishant Tanwar

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HR & Swayamvar (Live Crowd Roast Comedy) | Stand-Up comedy by Rajat Chauhan (Twelfth Video)

Duration: 00:15:57 Video Size 627.18 MB MP3 Size 15.68 MB Rajat chauhan

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Corporate Job and Motivation | Anirban Dasgupta stand up comedy

Duration: 00:06:49 Video Size 268.04 MB MP3 Size 6.7 MB Anirban Dasgupta

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This is for all the people working in corporates. This video is on the " Roasting the audience"format. For show enquiries, please contact.

Angad talks about the importance of HR interviews in an office. Follow
him on: Facebook:
Twitter: ...
This is for all the people working in corporates. Share with your
colleagues. Full Show on Amazon Prime Video: Director:
Karan Asnani ...
My take on Job Interviews. LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and COMMENT if you enjoyed
the video. For show enquiries, please contact:
Follow ...
Godfrey's "Regular Black" One Hour Showtime Comedy Special

Duration: 01:08:52 Video Size 2707.95 MB MP3 Size 67.7 MB godfreychi

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Duration: 00:11:15 Video Size 442.37 MB MP3 Size 11.06 MB ryan haryanto

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Job Interviews | Stand Up Comedy by Piyush Sharma

Duration: 00:04:20 Video Size 170.39 MB MP3 Size 4.26 MB Piyush Sharma

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Pertama Kali Stand Up Comedy

Duration: 00:10:39 Video Size 418.78 MB MP3 Size 10.47 MB HR Gram Studio

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Audience had a great time as you can. Standup comedy set on motivational speakers and corporate office. My take on Job Interviews.

Full Show on Amazon Prime Video. Jadi Pas idang Kuliah ada Tugas STAND UP COMEDY (( ga suka deh ================================================= â–»Kirim Fanart TAG. This video is about crowd interaction while performing my solo show.

Angad talks about the importance of HR interviews in an office. See how my Boss, HR and my team mates behaved with me. Lomba Stand Up Comedy Godekan RCTV 2017 ini kerja bareng dengan Dinas Perhubungan Kabupaten Cirebon yang mengangkat tema "Keselamatan.


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Stand Up Comedy Hr